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Top Pick SVG Fonts for Your Designs

September 22, 2023
In our ongoing journey of font discovery, we now invite you to explore the realm of SVG fonts. Typography plays... Read More

What is an SVG Font?

September 14, 2023
In the world of typography, fonts come in various formats, each with its unique set of advantages and use cases.... Read More

Tips for Choosing and Using Fonts Effectively

September 06, 2023
When it comes to design, fonts are more than just letters on a screen or page. They’re a powerful tool... Read More

Unveiling The Legacy: The Birth of Kadisoka Fontpack by Letterhend Studio

August 29, 2023
Imagine a single spark igniting a fire that burns bright for years to come. The tale of Letterhend Studio’s first... Read More

Elevate Your Designs with These Top 7 Exquisite Script Fonts #Part 1

August 25, 2023
In the realm of design, the choice of font can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and message you convey. Among... Read More

NEW FEATURE! Using Alternate Character With Type Taster

August 02, 2023
Your font exploration is made easier now!The upgraded type taster feature now displays all characters, including the swashes and ligatures.... Read More

How to Upload and Use Opentype Fonts in Canva

June 06, 2023
Read This to Learn How to Use Opentype Fonts in Canva... Read More

Many Types of Fonts You Should Know

November 23, 2017
Fonts are like the unsung heroes of design, silently conveying messages, emotions, and styles. As a designer or someone who... Read More

Using Opentype Feature in Any Software

November 23, 2017
This is how to use opentype feature and access the special characters!... Read More
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