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How to Upload and Use Opentype Fonts in Canva

We’re excited to share that our fonts are fully compatible with Canva, giving you a fantastic resource for your creative projects. However, we’ve noticed a small limitation with Canva at the moment. They don’t yet support OpenType Fonts on their platform for displaying special characters. Please keep in mind that Canva currently supports standard characters only.

We completely understand the value of accessing and using those unique special characters and ligatures that our font offers, even within Canva. So, here’s a helpful workaround to enable you to incorporate these special characters/ligatures into your Canva designs.

Before we start, please ensure you’ve uploaded your fonts to Canva. Additionally, subscribing to Canva Pro is necessary to unlock this feature, as you can only upload custom fonts with a Canva Pro account. If you’re already a Canva Pro user, follow these simple steps to upload fonts:

  • Create a document in the size you need, then click on “Brand” on the left sidebar. Select “Add your brand fonts.”
  • In the font column, choose “Add new” and then “Upload a font.”
  • Now, select “Add new” and pick the font you intend to use, making sure it’s in the correct format (OTF or TTF)
  • With your fonts uploaded, you’re all set to use them in Canva.

If you have followed how to upload your own fonts to canva, next is how to use the Opentype Feature on fonts using Canva:

  • Open Font Book on your computer, and select your font.
  • Choose the special character or ligature you desire, then copy it.
  • Head over to your Canva project and paste the copied special character into the text field.

  • Press the Windows key, type “Character Map,” and open it.
  • Pick the font you want to use.
  • Choose your font and pick for “Group by” > “Unicode Subrange.” Then, select “Private Use Character” to show the alternate character only.
  • Click “Select,” then “Copy.” Feel free to arrange the words as needed before copying.
    Note: By the way, you can type a single character or a few words here and copy them all at once. Feel free to do what works best for you!
  • Finally, paste the copied special character into your Canva project’s text field.

By following these user-friendly steps, you can seamlessly incorporate special characters and ligatures from our font into your Canva designs. Or if you have any difficulties just reach us at admin@letterhend.com

Ready to Get Started? Why not give it a try with our free fonts available here? Experiment, explore, and take your designs to the next level with Letterhend Studio’s fonts!

Happy Creating!

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